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lobsterReflecting on what my favorite family meal Is actually makes my mouth water.  Well, since I don’t love or even like the preparation of any kind of meal I like to go out to eat.  And when I go out to eat I love to consume lobster.  Because of the cost, it certainly cannot be considered a family meal.  Call me selfish, but even though I love lobster, not everyone in my family feels the same. It’s always better to dine with friends so as not to look to my family like I am overindulging!! 

I started loving lobster in the form of lobster chunks which are lobster pieces covered in batter and deep-fried.  Then for some reason because of the batter and the idea of calories, I switched to cod.  I prefer this baked without breading and dipped in melted butter.  (so much for watching calories)

But, my absolute favorite meal is just plain lobster tail.  Now when you go into some restaurants, like Red Lobster they have the poor things in the water, their claws tied together, waiting to be put in boiling water and finally eaten by us horrible people.  I can’t do this, if I am given a lobster tail (rock lobster tail) I can pretend there is no suffering of any kind of this poor little beast, and can truly enjoy my lobster with melted butter.

Actually, my love of lobster has been ongoing, but because of the price not always a possibility.  Recently I have been able to find restaurants with specials, with lobster being one of the nicer-priced items on the menu.  

I have really progressed in my taste I guess.  When I first started going to restaurants as an older teenager, I always ordered chicken.  This was because of my inexperience in restaurant eating.  Then I progressed to steaks such as T-bone and Porterhouse.  I have now progressed to lobster.

What could possibly top that?  I think I have hit the top according to my credit card.

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