Cooking is a Waste of Time

Can't we just invent a meal pill instead of cooking__I dislike cooking. I find cooking, on average, a waste of time. First of all, you have to decide what to make, then you have to go to the store. Another thing I dislike to do and purchase the ingredients Then you spend hours making your delicacy, it takes ten minutes to eat it, and then, guess what, you get to clean the mess up. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy cooking when the house is clean and everything is done, and I am cooking for a get-together of family and/or friends. The key here, everything else needs to be done.

Then, there are the poor souls that have to work, come home, and cook a meal probably within a really short period of time, and for various likes, to do the whole process again and again.

Best Christmas Present

I received one of the best Christmas presents a few years ago.  One of my daughters made what is called dump meals and the other daughter made desserts. These are all made ahead of time, put in bags or jars, and put in the freezer. Here is where a slow cooker comes in handy. You just put one of the dump meals in the slow cooker and whala, supper is ready for that night’s meal. A vegetable and potato and you’ve got it. Clean up is also easy.

I love to go out to eat as that is an event and love to socialize, but, to cook just to live is really boring. I think there should be probably a pill to take and there you have it. If you want something special, then you can make it. That would be your choice.

Do you realize how much time and money is spent on the preparation of meals on a daily basis? First, you realize you have to go grocery shopping.  Second, do that really boring activity.  Finally, you end up going out to eat anyways. As I said, what a waste. Certainly, we can find more productive things to occupy our already busy schedules. As I said, I dislike cooking.

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