A Civilized Family Meal

fondueMy husband was a great cook. OK, I know I’ve said this multiple times. I bring this up because I don’t remember a bad meal that he ever prepared.

To identify a favorite family meal, I’ll tell you about a meal that Michael didn’t cook and all three of us enjoyed immensely.

It was a warm, comfortable evening in Louisville, Colorado. Michael, our son Matt and I came together after we were done with work. We had been given a gift for dinner at the Melting Pot Restaurant. Matt had never been to a Melting Pot and didn’t know what to expect.

We were shown to a cozy table on the second floor of the restaurant. The fondue pot was set up in the center of the table filled with a delicious creamy cheese fondue. Bowls of cauliflower, broccoli, and sourdough bread cubes were brought to our table. We took our time relishing the rich flavor as we also sipped our cocktails.

Next came salads. We chose Caesar salads and again, were in no hurry as we shared pleasant conversation. We had white wine with our salads and enjoyed the crisp flavor which meshed beautifully with the cold, crunchy greens.

The main course provided squares of beef tenderloin, onion chunks and fresh mushrooms. We dipped each bite into the hot peanut oil and enjoyed the flavors accompanied by a lovely red wine.

Dessert brought out the chocolate fondue. We dipped squares of cheesecake, strawberries, pineapple and angel food cake into the yummy chocolate. This time we sipped a dessert wine which matched the sweetness of the fondue.

We finished our meal with rich, hot coffee. Time stood still for us as we enjoyed each course and relished the time to catch up with each other. The pace was slow and we indulged ourselves in the luxury of it.


As we finished our meal, Matt said he had never had a more civilized, enjoyable dinner with his family. We left the restaurant close to ten o’clock PM after spending three plus hours enjoying delicious foods, great wines, coffee, impeccable service and relaxing conversation.

As we strolled to our cars, we realized we had no dishes to wash, no leftovers to put away and no mess. It was a perfect evening.

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