I F**king Hate Cooking

I F**king Hate Cooking

I hate cooking.  My kids have always been impossible to cook for.  But before I get into that – maybe I should explain where I think my dislike of cooking came from.

Growing up – I was an incredibly picky eater.  As I got older – I remember mom calling me before she got home from work and asking “What’s for dinner?”  I used to just dread that phone call.  I could never figure out something to make because everyone else wasn’t as picky as me, but I didn’t want to cook things I didn’t like.  Suffice it to say, I think we had spaghetti on most of my cooking nights.

Fast forward to being a parent…  When the kids were little – I had one that wouldn’t eat meat, one that wouldn’t eat veggies, and one that wouldn’t eat anything!  Then, their dad would only have one serving of whatever we were having, and regardless of how much was left over, he would get up and grab a bowl of cereal…  How frustrating!!

Now I still have one very picky eater that eats cereal or salad most nights and another that won’t eat what he calls “sweet meat”.  (That’s meat with a sweet flavor to it)

So – I get frustrated and don’t cook many/most nights.  The kids will complain, but oh well.  If they want things different – they should either stop complaining about what I make or make something themselves!  They are definitely old enough at this point!!

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