Who Could Possibly Eat Liver?

When I lived at home I was subjected to the most interesting meals.  You see, my dad was at one time a meat salesman.  He would bring home items of meat (I think they could be classified as meat) and my mom would create a meal out of them.One of these most interesting meals was tongue.  Now, I know there is an acceptable way to prepare this, but I tell you honestly, that my mom I believe baked it and served it while it still had the pimples on it.  I am told in later life that this was the skin and was to be removed.  Well, as a child I did not know this,  but honestly what she prepared still had pimples on it.  I guess these are the taste buds. This absolutely grossed me out.

liver Another item that I detest is liver.  Now, this I guess my mom made properly.  She served it nice and tender with onions and it tasted absolutely gross.  My mother-in-law fried the piss out of her liver and with a lot of ketchup this could be tolerated.  I absolutely hate liver.  My husband and my oldest daughter love liver and onions.  This is a delicacy that they love to make when I am not around.  When my husband goes deer hunting he actually takes other people’s livers from their deer and brings it home.  He is thrilled to make liver and onions.  I find this to be so gross.

Again, when I was a kid we got pig’s feet, hearts, liver, whatever was on an animal.  I swear I could become a vegetarian just thinking about it.  

liverAnother story was when my boyfriend and sister went squirrel hunting and brought home their catch.  Well, after watching them skin and whatever it is that you do to prepare them for eating, my mom actually had the nerve to serve us squirrel for supper.  She was a rather plain cook, and I swear there were like four perfect little bodies of squirrel layin on a platter.  Guess who did not eat that night?

On a good note, I loved, absolutely loved my mom’s creamed chicken.  I have been searching for this recipe as I have not had this special dish since she passed away as she was the only one who made it for me.  I have not  been able to duplicate this.  She used half-and-half and that is all I know.  I am still searching.  I could, and actually did when I was pregnant eat several, like at least three, servings of this delicacy at one sitting.  .

Did I say I could be a vegetarian?  Well, I am coming close.

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  1. I love that you all do this. I remember the bunny that was served up to me once when my son and I were visiting from Japan. At least we know what edible and what’s not. Cheers to liver and onions. Love it. Love you al

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