Creamed Chicken

creamed chickenMy mom made the most fabulous chicken recipe. Unfortunately, after she passed it seems to have gone with her.  I would ask for this delicacy often and found it to be absolutely delicious. It was what she called creamy chicken.  Not such an original name, but it was incredible tasting.  It was, of course, with chicken cut up not in small pieces, she used condensed milk and the drippings from the chicken.  This is what Legacy writing is all about.  See I might have had this recipe had I had the opportunity to ask her about this and have it in writing.  This is all I really can tell of this recipe. I have searched in her recipe box and it just has not shown up.  Once when I was pregnant with my first child I actually had three helpings of this delicacy.  That was the last time I had the luxury of this dish.  After that, she tried to use substitutes like chicken soup or whatever, but it just wasn’t the same.  I am still searching.

Now, I have come up with a simple substitute recipe for creamy chicken.  This is definitely very good and I love it, but I still want mom’s original.  Everyone seems to love it. It is so easy and I have even served it at Christmas for a rather large group and for a small dinner party.   My granddaughter, Jessica, even requests that I make it for her birthday.  I was getting my nails done at a salon and a lady sitting next to me just started sharing that she had this great, easy recipe that everyone loved. It was made with chicken breasts, or thighs.  You put this in a baking dish, top each piece with swiss cheese, pour white cooking wine over it, and top with cream of chicken soup  Bake for about 1 ½ hours at 350 degrees, and wah-lah it is done.  I also like to sprinkle some parmesan cheese over the top of the entire mixture, but this is just my preference.

This is a good substitute, but for me, I am still going to search for mom’s original creamed chicken recipe! 

Creamed Chicken


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