I Hate Tuna!

tunaI have a serious aversion to canned tuna!  The smell, the texture, the presentation…  All of it grosses me out.  When I was younger, mom would make these tuna burgers that many people will say, sound delicious.  I will have to strongly disagree!  Even the thought of it makes me want to gag.Tuna burgers are a combination of canned tuna, mayonnaise, onion, Velveeta cheese, and hard-boiled eggs.  You put that mixture on a hamburger bun and place that in the oven and broil it for a few minutes. 

tunaI remember walking into the house when mom was making those and being hit with this wall of a SMELL.  So gross!  I would walk back out of the house and ask mom to let me know when the house was aired out again.  I have never gotten over that aversion to the smell of canned tuna.

When I got older and was working as a technical computer trainer for ExecuTrain, I had all the other trainers in the practice of informing me before lunchtime if they brought in tuna that day. If they did – I was eating out. 

Moving to the present day, I LOVE “real” tuna.  You know – tuna in sushi. I could eat that all day, every day. 

tunaFor a more pleasant note – or a thought of a favorite food memory – I’d have to say that the best thing is my birthday cake.  Mom says it’s the most simple thing to make.  It’s a mandarin orange cake topped with whipped cream.  Mom makes it the best of anyone.  My kids surprised me recently and made it for me and when they called mom to ask her how long to bake it for – she replied “You’ll know when it’s done.”  HA!

The effort was the sweetest thing even though the cake wasn’t quite right.  Instead of walnuts, they used mixed peanuts.  Instead of blending up the mandarin oranges into the cake mix, there were chunks of oranges.  It didn’t taste quite right, but again, it’s totally the thought that counts!  Here is the recipe:


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