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home officeWhen the Realtor showed my sister and me through our house, there were several things that caught my eye. I loved the black kitchen cabinets, the laundry room on the main floor, and the cozy dining area with great views of the backyard.

Now that I’ve lived in my house for almost ten years, I have found my favorite spot to be the large room we use as our home office. First of all, it’s painted a soft cheery yellow and feels welcoming even on a rainy day. There are two large windows in the front and two more large windows in the back. The office space spans the depth of the house. The garage is attached to this room and welcomes each of us home. There is a stone fireplace which warms up the cool days and makes this work space extra cozy. 

My husband and I enjoyed many productive days working at home together. My desk faces the front window and porch. I can keep track of the neighborhood, the sunsets, and the beauty of the large colorful trees. 

home officeMichael’s desk sat in front of the back windows and gave him great light to cheer his day. He could watch our dog, Quincy enjoying the backyard. It felt great when both of us were working in the office. We didn’t have to say a word. We just enjoyed being together. 

During COVID-19, we spent time on our computers watching webinars about improving our mindset and helping each other plan future dreams.

Our shared office also served as Michael’s hospice space and provided us with a special place to share our last days being close. 

I still spend a good part of my days in our home office. Quincy is usually at my feet and the special ambiance of memories helps me to heal and remember the happiness we shared. 

Who ever dreamed an office could be my favorite part of our home? In my mind, it’s the special place I love to be.

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