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My favorite drink: Alcoholic that is.

I guess I would have to say the this would be an “Old Fashion”.  I say this because it has come to be a kind of old friend so to speak. When I came of age first of all I don’t like beer, then I started what my Mom always ordered which was a Bacardi.  I had a time when I was with a friend who drank Manhattans and thought that should be what I should be drinking.  Well, after a couple of years of being totally wiped on only one or two of those, most likely one, I realized that I didn’t really care for them. Anyway, an Old Fashion was presented to me. It had a good taste of booze, I like them rather sweet, and that is where I am at the present time. Margaritas come in second. When you are out of state you don’t even think of asking for an Old Fashion because they are made with brandy, not a staple in other states.

My husband starting making quarts of Old Fashions in quart bottles, even including the mix and the 7-up or whatever.  Much to my dismay after a trip to the grocery store, guess what, they have Artie’s Old Fashions in six packs. I can’t believe that my “Artie” didn’t start doing this. We are always a day late and a dollar short as I am heard saying.  This should be OUR invention.  The only thing I have found to some of our family members, who I shall keep nameless, still tend to add a little more brandy to these pre-packaged Old Fashion mixes.  Come on, we all drink for the buzz right?????

I would go to Jazzercize to get in shape and keep my weight in check.  So, what would happen, my husband would have an Old Fashion waiting for me in the fridge, just needing me to add ice.  So much for keeping weight in check.

We are now contemplating naming our new “cabin” the Old Fashion. I guess this represents that when we go our “Escape” Old Fashions flow frequently.

I slip off the wagon periodically by having those special cocktails they offer in restaurants, but find myself going back to my old standby, the Old Fashion.

So, as I see it, my Old Fashion might be here to stay… unless I am drinking a Bloody Mary, a Margarita, Seven & Seven , Mimosa….

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