Trading Spaces

Having moved from a tri-level home to a larger two-story house was a bit of a challenge to get used to.  You learn to live one way and then have to refigure a new environment.  We had our family room on the lower level and grew to love that idea. 

In our next home, there was a family room on the main floor together with the living room, kitchen, and bath.  Since we got so used to being downstairs and out of the way we moved the family room to the lower level.  This felt so good as it was cozy and inviting.  We had a fireplace put down there, where we watch TV.  Having the family room in the main part of the house was not a good idea as it was too noisy with all the sounds of living being on one floor.  The TV would be on, cooking would be taking place and I would have the stereo on.  So, moving it to the lower level, a/k/a the basement, was the best choice for our family.

This is my favorite part of our house, especially when the weather turns cold and dark.  I love to cozy down there snuggling in front of the crackling fireplace all cozy and warm, and watching whatever we desire, or reading, one of my favorite pastimes.  It is warm, welcoming, and out of the way.

In the summer I have what I call our summer family room.  This is our screened-in porch.  This is a favorite of mine in the warmer months.  I can’t express how lovely it is to sit out there in the spring, summer, and fall and feel like I am outside, but without the bugs.  The view of the plants, trees, and birds is wonderful.  I love to sit out there and read any time of the day.  It is hard to get things done during this time as it is so enjoyable for me to be out on my patio and enjoy what nature has to offer.   I love to feel the breeze and nature sounds.  

My favorite rooms in my house are where I can relax and just chill out in comfort.  Depending on the season there is a room for each need.

Since it is approaching winter as I write this, you will find me in my winter family room in front of the fireplace, watching a favorite movie and just plain chilling.

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