Tenacious Taurus

taurusIf you look to see what personality traits are associated with a Taurus, you can find a variety of different answers.  The websites I found state that a Taurus is possessed/obsessed, fussy, stubborn, chilled/zoned out, and sensuous/greedy.  Some things that a Taurus is into would be money, food, chilling, flirting, and shopping.  For the most part, I’m in complete agreement with what I’ve read.


If you want something done, ask a Taurus. I read that there is no challenge that will beat a Taurus and that we have endless reserves of tenacity and resilience.  I have frequently stated that computers will not beat me.  I will always have the last word.  I also have that feeling when someone tells me I can’t do something.  In my head, I will be saying “Oh yeah???  Just watch me!”


This characteristic in me is an oxymoron.  I can be stubborn to a fault but I view this as both a positive and negative thing.  I hate to give in to people, things or situations.  For example – if I’m struggling with a computer issue, I am sometimes too stubborn to admit defeat and ask for help but that attribute has helped me learn significantly more about my chosen profession.  


This one threw me at first.  I’m definitely NOT a patient person, but when the article continued the description as immovable, that started to make more sense.  It is said that a Taurus lives life at a slower pace and has a deep desire to ponder and consider every move.  A Taurus likes to analyze… everything.  (read over-analyze).  This describes me to a T.  I’m not a spontaneous person.  I like to know what is happening and when.  If I’m going to an airport – I will typically research what food is available in which terminals. Also, I’m not a big fan of change.  Throughout my life, if I expected something to happen a certain way and plans were changing, Mom always took a moment to prepare me ahead of time so I could mentally prepare myself for the difference.

Chilled/Zoned Out

Of all the traits I read about, this one was the most accurate.  The article stated that Taurus love doing nothing.  Just being vacant.  I have a hard time even expressing how totally accurate this is about me.  I could spend the entire day just sitting on the couch watching tv or even just playing on my phone.  Doing nothing is one of my favorite past-times.  It’s been asked of me “Are you going to sit on the couch all day and do nothing?”  My response was (and always will be) “I wasn’t, but I am now!!”

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