Authentic Aries

AriesThe Aries woman is honest, driven, competitive, and energetic. At least many of the Aries women have these traits. 

I find myself exhibiting the shadow side of many of the Aries qualities. For example, I carry a secret insecurity that creates intense stress and pressure for me. On the surface, I appear confident, competitive, and driven. In truth, appearances can be deceiving. Inside, I am often feeling anxious and inadequate. This surprises the people I know well because they say they don’t understand why. 

The number one value I insist upon in a relationship and/or friendship is honesty. I am a person that people love to hate. I’m the one who returns money to the teller or the clerk if I am given too much change. If I have a cart full of items in a store, and the clerk misses charging me for one of the items, I will bring it to their attention. Sometimes people around me think I’m nuts, but in my defense, I can’t handle dishonesty. I go so far as to be unable to enjoy the item that I haven’t paid for. 

I work at being tactful. Sometimes I succeed and sometimes not so much. This again goes back to my love of honesty. I believe in being honest, especially if I am asked a direct question. I think it is important to be straightforward and factual. Honesty does not have to be brutal. Often I see honesty as being a kindness to the person asking the question. If you want advice, I always have some to give. 

I’m not a person that is content to play second fiddle.  I like to lead. I also get bored easily. I thrive on variety in projects and in people. I am definitely a people person. I enjoy people contact. I am also a hugger much to many peoples chagrin. 

In a significant other, I look for a man who is intelligent and will keep me on my toes. I do not accept false flattery. I expect to be able to be my own person and for the man in my life to have their own interests. I was very lucky to have just this type of man as my husband for the past thirty-seven years.

A huge turn off for me is lack of loyalty. If someone wants me to respect them and be loyal to them they need to earn the right and return the behavior. 

Aries is a fire sign fueled by passion. I have to be all in on something to succeed in it and to stick with it. 

It is said that the Aries woman doesn’t like to sit still. I personally find I need “staring at the wall” time. My mind is busy and reflective but my body enjoys relaxing and recharging the engine. I also love cuddle time and find it very important to a rewarding relationship. 

This was a challenging writing for me. I don’t follow my horoscope religiously. I haven’t studied all of the aspects about my sign. You could say I know just enough about Astrology to be dangerous.  I think it’s fun to read my horoscope once in a while. I definitely don’t change the way I live because of it. 

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