The Search for Goodson Mountain

Goodson mountainOne of my favorite trips with my husband Michael was our trip to Galax, Virginia for his brother Rodger’s funeral. I had heard so many stories about Galax, Virginia, Michael and Rodger’s dad Price Goodson and about the land they call Goodson’s Mountain. I always thought it was an exaggeration, but it turned out to be as true as the stories.

We traveled to Galax without our son, Matt. He was away at Hockey Camp. It was the first trip we had taken by ourselves in several years. It turned out to be a special time for Michael and I together.

Goodson mountainOur sister-in-law, Beth Goodson had arranged for us to stay in a quaint little cabin near the “mountain.” It was small but very nice with fluffy down filled quilts and a cozy duvet, a little kitchen and a comfy sitting room.  This is where Michael and I sat and talked about memories of Galax. Among them was the decision that Michael and his mom, Katherine made to move to New York after her husband Price’s death in 1947. Rodger chose to stay in Galax with his grandparents.

Michael would go back during the summer months to visit his grandparents and his brother Rodger. There were tales to tell about skinny dipping at the Country Club pool and a myriad of other antics that took place during those summers.

One of the things I enjoyed most about the trip was meeting the aunts, uncles and cousins that I had heard stories about for many years. I remember when Michael first arrived, one of the family members gasped and said “Price”. Apparently, Michael bore a strong resemblance to his father Price Goodson. Michael’s Aunt Jalanda later wrote “It was truly wonderful to once again be with Michael at his brother Rodger’s burial at the Goodson Cemetery back in 2001”.

Goodson mountainWhenever the Goodson clan gathered there was music. This trip was no exception. When we gathered at the Goodson land, friends and family entertained us. Price and Rodger shared the musical gene. Michael always said somehow that gene had missed him. Galax has been home to the “Old Fiddler’s Convention since 1935”. Music is an important part of the Galax culture.

On this trip we spent a good amount of time getting better acquainted with Rodger’s wife Beth and his daughter Marie and now husband Frank and son David and now wife Amanda. We also had a chance to meet many of Beth’s relatives. We had such fun getting together and getting to know one another. I always regretted that we were unable to make a trip to visit Beth in Switzerland before Michael’s death in 2023.

It was a very special trip, saying goodbye to Rodger, visiting Goodson Mountain and spending time with delightful people.

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