Sleeping with the Bridesmaids

bridesmaidsThis story is on a hearsay basis.  In other words, I wasn’t there, but have had this story told to me several times and I think it is pretty funny and is one of my favorites for this family.

This is about my Grandma Bauer.  Her name was Cecilia, she was short, a natural redhead, a devout Catholic, and a real German lady.  Grandma had six children. Grandma Bauer became a widow when my Grandpa Joseph was killed while working at a convent in Campbellsport.  This was during the Depression and my Grandma was left to raise the six children by herself.  She often was heard saying that she should have been a nun.

Now, to know my Grandma you could probably envision this.  She seemed sort of ignorant of certain life things.  It has been told that on her wedding night, her bridesmaids taunted her by saying that she wouldn’t be a good friend if she didn’t sleep with them instead of her new husband on her wedding night.

I found it interesting that she was that naïve and still ended up with six children. I wonder what Grandpa Jo thought of this.  

Family stories can be mind-blowing at times.

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