No Bras Required – Ever!

bras source of strife

Age 18 – No Boobs!!

Bras have always been a source of strife in my life – being one of those people that really doesn’t require one completely.  (I’m the odd duck in my family in this regard)


Look at this picture!!  I’m 18 in this picture and you can see – I have NO BOOBS!!  Ha-ha!

It started in 5th grade when all of the girls started wearing bras but I in no way needed one, so I was still wearing a T-shirt. My favorite shirt at this point was a yellow eyelet lace blouse, but because the eyelet had holes in it, I had to wear my t-shirt under it.  All the girls in my class teased me mercilessly.  “Look – she’s wearing a t-shirt!!  No bra!!!”  I was horrified and therefore, never wore my favorite shirt again.

So the time came to buy a bra.  Because I was so small, there really wasn’t a typical size that would fit me.  Luckily, we found some with sizes such as “almost” A, “barely” B, etc.  Well – no surprise – I fit into the “almost” A.

With that hurdle out of the way – we progressed to middle school.  Bras and boobs were still a big issue for me because again, I had barely anything.  Most memories of middle school involve the boys yelling down the halls to me “Hey Michelle! Where’s the beef?”  Once again calling attention to the fact that I had “no beef”.  Oye!

Fast forward to married life and I find out from my now ex-husband, that when we were dating in high school, we had been on a date and things were getting hot and heavy and when he was trying to feel his way to my boobs, he got to my shoulder and totally missed them!  (See I told you there wasn’t much there!)

Bras are still a source of strife in my life.  I still can’t find one that fits right.  I’ve tried shopping with Lisa and filling the dressing room with every shape and size, but to no avail.  If they fit around my body, the cup size is too big.  If the cup size fits, they are so tight I can’t breathe.  So – during this whole quarantine time I’ve come up with the perfect solution…

No BRAS!!!

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