Who the Hell Invented Bras?? It Must’ve Been a Man!


Bra drawer of a cute perky teen

Who the hell invented bras, and who the hell says we have to wear them????

Who likes bras? Well, I don’t know many people, women, who do. On two different occasions, maybe three, I have gone bra shopping with family and friends, spending many, many hours in dressing rooms, thinking that I have found the ONE. Then a couple of days later I returned all of them much to the dismay of my helpers. As you will note in some other Sidetracked Sisters’ posts I am not very popular in this department.

You see, I consider a bra, or any underwear shopping, like purchasing a mattress, toilet, you know something not pretty, necessary, but boring. I want comfort, flattering, but I don’t want to know that I have one on. This is the first thing that comes off when I come home after being out and about. Certainly, there is something that can replace these uncomfortable items. I’ll just bet that a man came up with this idea to torture us, poor women. Now you say, just go without.  After wearing these contraptions all your life you decide to go bear. Now I feel like I am undressed, not to mention the girls need a little help from their friend (a bra). Not to mention I have read articles that say you cause the muscles to get weak and the little, or big, boobs will flop or something like that. God, we don’t want that. Nature seems to have that under control.

I know you are supposed to go to a bra shop and actually have someone size you. Well, I did that once and was given a bra that was noticeably three sizes too big for me. That kind of took care of any confidence I had in that procedure. Not only that, but I don’t especially care to have a clerk prod and poke my precious boobs to figure out what kind of bra I should have. Could you just imagine a man being in a dressing room with a male clerk, I would assume, poking and prodding their packages for a jockstrap? Well, I suppose that a lot of them might like that, but I highly doubt that unless it was a great-looking chick helping out.

Now that you have found this magnificent torture item, how many do you need?  I feel three is a reasonable amount. I have friends that actually have like ten of them. How in the hell you find ten bras that you like is beyond me.

My one good one

It seems the only ones who love bras are the cute little teenagers, with beautiful, perky boobs. They can wear all those lacy, might I say picky and poky things, and look cute, and actually like to flaunt them. When I was a very early teenager I actually would, on some occasions, sneak my older sister’s bra, stuff it with kleenexes, and wah-lah, I had boobs. That was in the day when wearing a bra was meant to be cool, that is without the stuffing.

So, as you can guess I HATE BRAS, not to mention bra shopping.

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1 thought on “Who the Hell Invented Bras?? It Must’ve Been a Man!

  1. I have actually had better luck finding bras I like and getting a better fit buying on line. Some really pretty and comfy styles that you can’t find in dept. stores. You just have to measure carefully and know the country of origin’s sizing. Usually the fitting instructions are pretty clear. If you don’t want to deal with that just make sure they use US sizing.

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