Stupid Questions

heres_your_signI have lots of pet peeves, but I’d have to say my biggest one is stupid people.  You know those ones that ask the dumbest questions?  Or the ones that ask things that really don’t need to be asked?

I can resonate so much with the comedian Bill Engvall when he does his skit stating “Here’s your sign!”  With the implication that you need to hold a sign saying “I’M STUPID”



Some examples would be when, in the beginning of my computer career, I would be learning a new computer program next to someone who was also learning a new computer program and they would say “How do I do this?  I just don’t get it.” and I would think in my head…  “Figure it out!!  If I have to help you, then I would have to do the same thing!!  Use your resources and learn it!!”

Another example would be when I’m working (you know – like many people do from 8 – 5 weekdays) and someone calls me and says “Are you busy?”  Uuuummmmm – duh!!  I’m working!!

Yet another example would be when people state the obvious.  Maybe I drive up in a new car with a sticker on it that says “New Car” and someone says “Did you buy a new car?”  Or I come walking out of a rain shower and someone says “Did you get wet?”  Or I’m hopping around, crying after stubbing my toe and someone says “Did that hurt?”  Ugh!!

In some cases, it may not be that the questions are that dumb…  maybe it’s just a case of me having no patience.  But that’s another topic altogether…

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