Respect My Time & Effort, Please!

20181020_223123When someone asks me to do something, I take pride in doing what was asked and doing it well. Sometimes I do research, look up procedures and spend time planning out the best way to complete the task. I finish the project or the document or the job and go back to the person that made the request pleased that I have accomplished my goal only to hear…

“Oh, I already did that myself” or, “I asked Fred to do it and it’s all taken care of”. Mind you, they didn’t tell me that they gave the assignment to someone else or that they no longer needed me to complete the work. I have been careful to complete it in a timely fashion and now my work and more importantly, my time has been wasted. I can’t even “Pollyanna” about this one. I feel unnecessary, unimportant, and worthless. Should I feel this way? Probably not. I feel that my time and my efforts have as much value as the next person’s and people need to respect them.

This can relate to a million things. Often the other person tries to rationalize by saying “I thought you were too busy” or “I was just trying to help”. Not acceptable. Don’t assume. Ask before you waste my time.

Then, what makes it even worse, the other person often gets angry because I’m royally pissed off with their behavior. AMEN.

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