Respect My Time & Effort, Please!

20181020_223123When someone asks me to do something, I take pride in doing what was asked and doing it well. Sometimes I do research, look up procedures and spend time planning out the best way to complete the task. I finish the project or the document or the job and go back to the person that made the request pleased that I have accomplished my goal only to hear…

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Stupid Questions

heres_your_signI have lots of pet peeves, but I’d have to say my biggest one is stupid people.  You know those ones that ask the dumbest questions?  Or the ones that ask things that really don’t need to be asked?

I can resonate so much with the comedian Bill Engvall when he does his skit stating “Here’s your sign!”  With the implication that you need to hold a sign saying “I’M STUPID”



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Brainless Internet Surfing


I used to be so proud of myself. When others would tell about vegging in front of the tv or watching a movie marathon all weekend, I would feel the smug self-satisfaction of accomplishment. I prided myself on creating artsy stuff, crafts, and steadily remodeling my home.


That. Was. Then.

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Biggest Pet Peeve – Aubrey

Aubrey Pet Peeves copy

I really don’t get pet peeves. I mean, why do you call it a pet peeve? Can’t you call it something simpler? Plus, there’s “pet” in pet peeves…is there something wrong with pets? Why don’t you just call it “annoying”. Because isn’t that what pet peeves are? But I guess, it’s just a way that people express themselves. But I’m just going to call it ANNOYING.

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So Many Pet Peeves

2018-10-21_12-40-06One of my pet peeves is when people say, “Hi, how are you?”, and really don’t care or want to hear about you anyway.

Pet Peeve #2:  Husbands with toys. Why is it they complain about your “stuff” sitting around or hanging on walls, but feel there is nothing wrong with their things, such as trailers,  sitting out in the driveway 24/7?

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