Stupid Jokes – I can never remember them anyway!

bitmoji-20191022081812Stupid Jokes – I can never remember them anyway!

O.K. there are a lot of jokes out there that are funny I must admit. I happen to have a significant other, a/k/a husband, who loves to tell jokes. How he remembers so many is beyond me. I hear a joke which I actually feel I should share and, of course, I can’t remember the stupid joke.

My husband has a saying, “That reminds me”, and off he goes. I have this wonderful ability to totally tune him out as I most likely have heard this joke hundreds of times, or at least a couple of times that I actually listened. My mind goes off in many different directions, but certainly not on the joke. I laugh when appropriate, not to hurt his feelings, but come on, you can just hear a joke so many times.

It does seem that telling a joke (of a rather clean color) can be a mood enhancer, but an off-color joke has to be done in the right company.

We have actually got a book on bathroom jokes, so when you have a free moment, on the “john” you can actually read stupid jokes and have the ability to remember them.
Jokes must be a universal love as if you have ever noticed young children love to share stupid jokes, like “who crossed the road the chicken or the egg?” See, they are even prone to try to get laughs by telling stupid jokes.

This trait has been inherited by one of my children and she used to read joke books constantly. Go figure.

Again, some jokes are funny, but when they have to be explained, they certainly lose their humor.

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