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I LOVE gardening or the results of playing in my yard with flowers!


I began gardening while living in a new house where there were no trees and ABUNDANT sun. I could grow anything. Then we moved to a house that had mature trees–all shade–and a dog pen smack dab in the middle of the yard. (This was called the focal point I guess.) Well, many months later, we demolished that and I started to create my perennial gardens. My husband rototilled the entire back edge of our property to facilitate my dream. There were many nights when my mother and mother-in-law would sit on logs with flash lights and guide me with my many plantings.

This garden is now mature and a lot of changes have taken place. I discovered that sometimes shade is so dense that I can’t get anything to grow, so…my husband build a little log cabin for tools. Then came the night I came home from work and my husband said that I had more garden space because our 50 foot blue spruce was on the neighbors roof. Oh boy, more room for flowers.

Then another tree split and had to come down, making room for a small fish pond!

Years of planting and planting and I’m at the point now that I would love to start over. My beautiful perennial garden seems to be full of daisies, the big orange kind, flocks and millions of ferns. I truly believe that you remove one fern and ten replace that one.

I can be tired, or bored…but when I go outside to play in the garden I get energy. I especially love to have a supply of new plants, that I can set and stage.

It takes my husband 20 minutes to mow our yard as it is almost all perennial gardens now.

This year I need to remove at least one thousand ferns to make way for the many perennials that I am sure are being smothered. Gardening…weed, dig, plant, pull, weed, dig, plant, pull, pull, pull.

Anyone need some ferns? See me in May…

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