Gardening is Hard Work!

2nd summer garden picI was never much of a gardener. As a kid, I usually got stuck out in Mom’s garden in the prickly raspberries picking berries or weeding between the brick walk in the back yard. To me gardening was hard work and no fun.

When my sister got married and bought her first home, these beautiful gardens started popping up. How did she do that I wondered?

When I left home I lived in apartments, condos, and townhouses so I concentrated on indoor plants. I actually got quite proficient with them.

My first home with a yard was in Napa, California. I had no idea where to start. I ended up with mega petunias, marigolds, and espaliered fruit trees. Just about the time everything got looking good, we moved back to Wisconsin.

Our first home in Wisconsin had great potential. The gardens were already planted somewhat so I simply duplicated and tended what had been done. I learned that my originality pretty much stunk. I also learned that most gardening happened when it was hot and humid. I learned quickly that gardening came with sweating. I hate to sweat.

Next, we moved to Colorado. The climate was arid, the dirt was clay and the critters were everywhere. Anything put in the yard became a snack for the deer, rabbits, and prairie dogs. I worked diligently to do containers on my porch and deck. I sent pictures home. I won’t share the comments I received back…

Four years ago, we returned to Wisconsin. I think I died and went to gardening heaven. Everything I plant grows. Yahoo!! We have great soil, good moisture, and enough sunshine to make my gardens happy. I actually began creating gardens I like. I love Black-eyed Susan, purple coneflowers, forsythia, hosta, azaleas, and tons of other annuals and container varietals.

I love Wisconsin gardening. and Sandy, I am not “uneducable”. So there!!

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