Color Me Green


When I was a kid, mom decorated my bedroom in pumpkin orange, mustard yellow, and avocado green. (I’m just gonna say it…I hated these colors!) There were lollipops painted in these colors with a ribbon on the sticks that made a headboard. I regularly hid the suckers under the bed in protest.

Later, my room was redone in cotton candy pink and candy apple green. Everything in the room coordinated, matched, flowed. It was….beautiful?

Neither of these color schemes felt…ME.

When I got married during college…I had to pick a focus color to begin my new, my new apartment, my new environment, the beginning of my life. My mother-in-law wanted to have give us a quilt for our wedding present and she needed me to pick out fabrics. I was afraid to be too trendy…think mauve and baby blue (1984). I wanted a color that spoke to me, one that would stay with me and be the anchor in my home(s). I loved the look of burgundy, hunter green, and ivory.  But after much deliberation, I refined my choices down to those fabrics that were neutral or just had the green. I chose hunter green. Green…

I still have the green, tan, and ivory Amish wedding ring quilt hanging in my home. It has been a focal point in every apartment or house I have lived in for the past 3 decades.

Most recently, green, all shades, together with warm gold and brick red are the backdrop of my life. These colors feel like life outdoors, like warmth and comfort. The green is peaceful and earthy. It is cooling and the foundation. The red and gold bring warmth and energy to the spaces.

I love to walk out in my backyard and look back at the house.  The rooms glow with that warmth. It seems to call a greeting, inviting me to enter back in–a welcoming.

Hunter green, golden yellow, and brick red…they are just a refinement, really of that avocado, mustard, and pumpkin. My mom was really close all those years ago. Just a little tweaking and I’ve come back home, back to the beginning…let’s just assume that the cotton candy-colored carpet and bubble gum-hued blankets were just a blip…just a scary, foray into my personal twilight zone…that (fortunately) left no permanent damage.

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