I Love Me – I Love Me Not!

What is something I love about myself? And Why? Good grief. When someone asks me a question like this, my first response is “I have absolutely no idea”. Then when I get quiet and dig deeper, I find a thing or two.

I love that I can find the good in anyone. Judgment doesn’t play a part in who I am. I believe that our place in life is to enjoy and even embrace each other as we are. I feel sad sometimes when people can’t be bothered to give someone else a chance to reveal their true selves.

When I was much younger, I had friends that enjoyed riding Harleys before that was cool. They wore their leather jackets and had longer hair than was acceptable at the time. This was when I lived in California. I enjoyed going to a neighborhood bar later in the evenings on occasion. My biker friends would wait outside of the bar to make sure I got in safely. I had other friends that had a hard time understanding why I wasn’t nervous about them waiting for me. I had gotten to know their stories and felt comfortable talking with them. I also appreciated their thoughtfulness about my safety. Even though their outward appearance was not the norm, they were good people.

There is also a part of me that understands that I am meant to love myself. It is my job to live in my higher self and to understand that I have a purpose in life. 

That being said, I sure wish I could figure out exactly what my purpose is. I don’t love many of my bad habits. I often lack motivation and drive. I procrastinate something awful and I talk about wonderful ideas and then I fail to follow through. I can be lazy at times and am pulled off the task at the drop of a hat. I don’t love that I am extremely hard on myself and my own worst critic.

But wait a minute. This post is supposed to talk about what I love. I love nurturing others. I enjoy seeing to it that my family’s needs are met. Finding solutions to problems makes me very happy. I love that about me. Being sensitive and understanding others comes very naturally to me. Listening to people when they share their interests and their families is something I love to do.

In all honesty, I love who I am. I think I have a good heart, a good mind, a healthy body (with a few extra pounds) and I am surrounded by a loving husband, an amazing son, a kooky sister and her wonderful family. I love all of that about me.

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1 thought on “I Love Me – I Love Me Not!

  1. There is so much to love about you, it has kept me in love with you for well over 30 years. Keep being you as well move along this path together.

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