Dates to Remember

family poemsWe all have dates we’ll always remember

One of mine comes up in September

September 22 was the date that mom passed

The memory of her forever will last


Another date that is special for me

Is September the 6th, our Anniversary

Michael and I have lived many places

Our love has survived in a number of spaces


Deep in December sister Sandy had her first

I was so anxious to see her, I thought I would burst

The night was snowy and the sky pitch dark

I skipped my school dance and trudged through the park


Her name was Lisa and she lit up the world

The first time I saw her, in her blanket she curled


When Michelle was born Sandy gave us a scare

She had placenta previa and many a care

When things settled down and ‘Chelle was OK

We all were delighted and hugged her all day


The date was May 2nd, the beginning of Spring

‘Chelle was bright eyed and perfect, a beautiful thing


When our son Matt was born, I had reservations

I wondered how things would go forward, I had speculations

He was born on June 10th and I was thrilled

It all came together and our hearts were filled.


My short poem is only the start

Of special days that are dear to our hearts

We have births and adoptions and more days to share

Our close-knit family will always be there

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