I Just Don’t Get It!

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Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m not a fan of sports.  I grew up in a household of 3 girls and dad was not a big sports fan either.  I actually try to avoid sports if I can.  I know that’s not a popular opinion in today’s society, but that’s just who I am.  

Even though I have an aversion to sports, I was a high school cheerleader for both basketball and football from 8th grade thru my senior year.  To this day, I still am not totally sure of what is a good play in football if someone doesn’t tell me!  I remember during a high school football game, only 1 of the cheerleaders actually knew anything about the game and she would have to tell us all what cheer to do.

I truly don’t understand society’s obsession with sports.  It seems like the world comes to a halt when the big game is coming on.  Some restaurants I’ve worked at even would make staffing decisions based on what sporting event would be on tv.  For example: if the Packers were playing, the restaurant would be slow because everyone would be home or at the bars watching the game.

As an adult, I’ve developed PTSD when it comes to having sports on tv.  If I hear the ESPN song play, I flinch in fear of having to watch something sport related.  Up at the cabin, I cringe in disgust when someone turns on a sporting event on the tv.  Especially when they then proceed to scream at the tv. 

That brings up another topic about sports that bugs me.  When people feel the need to yell at the tv when their favorite team, player or coach doesn’t do what they think should be done.  Do they really think yelling at the tv helps?  These players and coaches get paid the big bucks to do what they do and they made it there without the help of the person yelling at the tv, so what’s the point?  I just don’t get it.

Despite my aversion to watching sports and talking about it, I will on occasion go to a live event.  I don’t mind this activity, but it’s more the crowd and the surrounding entertainment that I enjoy rather than the sport itself.

Even at work, my co-workers know that if the conversation is turning to sports, I will tune out and leave the conversation.  My boss has gone so far as to announce during a meeting, “Does anyone have anything of importance that Michelle needs to know before she leaves and the sports discussion begins?”  LOL – they know me well.

Sports – I just don’t understand the fascination.

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