Flea Market Adventures

We have a bi-annual Girls’ weekend shopping trip that we go on, where all the women in my family (of all ages).

Girls' Weekend - 2004

Twice a year, all the women in my family (of all ages) and our girlfriends, go shopping in St. Charles, IL. We started this tradition around the time that I started having kids, so in the beginning, I was either pregnant, nursing, or had a toddler with me. In our family, if you are a boy, you only get to come on the adventure if you are under the age of 3. Once you hit that age, you are banned from coming. Now… if you are lucky enough to be a girl, you get to come as long as you are fun to have around.My daughter is now 13 and is celebrating her 25th anniversary of Girls’ weekend. As a very young kid, she was always an amazing shopper. She never touched anything that wasn’t supposed to be touched and she never complained about the long hours of shopping.
She was about 6 years old when she finally said, “Mom, do you think there is a chance we could go into a store for me?” I thought that was a reasonable request and because she hadn’t whined about it, I was all for it. Such began the bi-annual trip to Justice, Just for Girls!

There are so many stories I could tell about shopping with her that I don’t know where to start. Maybe my favorite was when she was 4 and we were at a restaurant talking about having a naked pajama party back at the hotel… She was very excited and when the waiter came to the table and asked what our reason for being out was, she blurted “We are having a naked pajama party… Want to come?!” The young waiter blushed and didn’t quite know what to say.

Then of course there was the time I was nursing and needed a semi-private place to take care of things and my only option was to sit in the cab of a vendor’s truck. Or maybe the one time I had to bring my son along (when he was 7) and while we were waiting for dinner, both kids fell asleep on my lap and never ate a thing. Or maybe I should tell you about sleeping 6 in a room (3 in each full-sized bed) and listening to each member of my family with their variation of snoring or puffing while they sleep.

Each trip has provided so many wonderful treasures. Not only in what we are able to find in the fabulous stores and the flea market but in the memories and time spent with family and friends.

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