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sportsTo say I am not actually a sports fan is an understatement.  I think this happened when I was very young.  My Dad was an avid sports fan and on his off time from working, he enjoyed watching them on tv or listening to them on the radio.  He was not a physical participant, but a chair-side enthusiast.  He would actually sit in his recliner watching some type of sport on tv and have another sport plugged into his ear from the radio.  I hated Sundays because that was when sports were constantly on our tv.  My friends would be going to picnics, to their family cabins, visiting friends and relatives, and just enjoying life.  We, on the other hand, were sitting at home because dad had to watch his sporting event.  He even had to watch sports when we would visit relatives.  I suppose visiting friends was limited to when there were no sports on tv. Like that ever happened!  As an adult when I hear the usual sounds of sports on tv I just cringe.  I try to share what event is on, but if the sun is shining I am out of there.  

Now, I do enjoy going to football games.  This is a whole different kettle of fish.  It is the excitement in the air, the cool crisp days or evenings, phenomenal people watching, and the fun energy.  You don’t get that from sitting in a chair at home.  There is something to be said to be at Camp Randall for a Badger game instead of sitting home watching it.  Even though it is probably more comfortable to be sitting in your cozy chair, in front of a blazing fire, watching this sporting event, but you have to be there to really get the full benefit and excitement of the game.

Another sport that I do enjoy watching is hockey.  This is action-packed and I can actually enjoy it on a limited basis at home.  

Basketball is fun, again much better if watching it in the gym.

Now baseball.  That is something else altogether.  I dislike watching this sport as it is really boring.  Too much spitting, gum chewing, and junk crunching for my taste.  I actually went to a game on Beaver Dam Day and I almost fell asleep.  That was scary as everyone else was cheering and jumping around for what reason I don’t know..

Now, I do like to participate in sports.  No, I am not good at sports, but do enjoy trying.  I like to participate in volleyball and even baseball.  I leave football to the guys that like to get trampled.

I feel too much energy is wasted on sports, but then what would all the guys do on a Monday night???  Monday night football is upon us again isn’t it???  Another thing that is one of my many pet peeves is the yelling and screaming at the tv.  Now, if all the yellers and screamers sitting on their couches know so much of how to do whatever sport they are watching correctly, specifically football, why are they sitting at home screaming instead of out on the field making the big bucks???

Now, I like to golf even though I never do it.  My story about how I golf is this:  Picture it, we were at Pheasant’s Run in Illinois, a rather prestigious golf course.  My husband, myself, my sister and brother-in-law were enjoying a beautiful day playing golf.  I teed off with a club, unfortunately the head of said club went flying. My husband said that the good news was that my seven iron was fine, but the sad news is I no longer have a putter!!!  True story, sad, but true.  Now I even took golf lessons a long time ago.  Apparently, I missed the part of the course about, well, just about everything!!  I don’t believe I have been asked to golf since!  .  

Let’s face it, life is all about sports.  There are so many to talk about and I don’t dislike all sports, but I just feel moderation is a good thing.

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