Work to be Free

workSitting in front of my computer screen

Trees outside changing hue

Mindlessly working along

Wishing I were doing something new


My thoughts stray to summer days

Up at the cabin, by the lake

My time is my own

No one else’s to take


I want to be my own boss

Doing my own thing

Each day could be different

But that bell has yet to ring


Some day I’ll make it happen

Working for no one but me

But while I’m waiting for that day

I’ll do my best until I’m free

Other special poems have been written over the years and here are just a few of them:

Bradley Robert – Our “Peanut”

The sky was blue, the weather fair – the final day of May.

I was pulling weeds and turning dirt – a perfect day to play.

The phone rang once, Grandma picked it up – Michelle was on the line.

She sounded rather tentative.  I hoped everything was fine.

She asked me several questions about how it was for me.

I smiled to myself inside.  “Peanut” wanted to be free.

She said in a mild worried tone, “I’ve got things to do tomorrow.”

I suggested that we always do, but this time she’d know no sorrow.

She said her friends would follow her home just to keep her safe.

She said “I’ll be in touch”, hung up the phone,

“Goodbye my little waif!!!!”

What happened then I can only guess, I’ll bet that things went fast.

A call to the doctor, a bag to pack, in a heartbeat May was past.

The details I can’t wait to hear, the story bears repeating

Of Phil and ‘Chelle’s special night, and the newcomer we’ll be meeting.

The event is here – June 1st the date, and we have all survived.

Our joy can’t be put into words, ‘cause Bradley Robert has arrived!!

Congratulations and Much Love!!!

Great Aunt Judy – June 1, 1995


Nathan Arthur – Our Special Pumpkin

The sun is shining brightly

Upon the fallen leaves

They’re covering the lawns again

And filling up the eaves.

Two years ago about this time

The sky was much more gray.

Our yearly trip to Waldvogels

Was planned… a day to play.

Sandy & Brad arrived alone

Something wasn’t right.

Michelle was missing… where was she?

It gave us all a fright.

“The baby’s coming early. 

It shouldn’t be this soon.”

Grandma Sandy’s worried face

Added to our gloom.

The next 5 days were critical

‘Chelle and Phil were in our prayers.

A baby boy – 6 pounds yet small

Added happiness to our cares.

Nathan, you have so many traits

That make us love you dearly.

Your smile, your spunk, your zest for life

Your health shines through so clearly.

You may have caused anxiety

And helped us to feel squirrelly

But Nate, you showed this family up

You actually were early.

I stopped by Schneider’s house today

To see how things were going

2 years have passed. Our boy has changed.

He certainly is growing.

You’d never know to look at him

That Nathan was a preemie.

You’re in good company, little Nate

The same thing happened to me(me)!!

 Happy Second Birthday Nathan!!

Love, Great Aunt Judy – October 28, 2000


Jessica Grace – “Our Sugar and Spice”

As I sit in the light of the Christmas tree

I think back and reflect

On the shift in the world the past 3 months

And the sadness and loss we accept.

September brought a bag of tricks

With foreign-sounding names.

Kabul, Taliban, Osama ben laden

The man that everyone blames.

September 11, that fateful day

The world seemed to come to an end.

Then September 14 our focus changed

Our hearts began to mend.

For into our world came Jessica Grace

Our early morning treasure.

And as we peered into those sweet eyes

We found love impossible to measure

So even though for many months

The news has shown us terror.

We find our hope and love and calm

And choose to turn to prayer.

Today we baptize Jessica Grace

Our hearts with family and friends.

We ask God’s blessings for this holy place

And for love that never ends.

Joy and despair are on opposite sides

Of the coin that spins in our world.

Today we celebrate Jess and hope

Our flags are proudly furled!!

We love you Jess in every way

And hold you close beside us.

September 14, your special day

We pray to God to guide us.

Poem by Judy Goodson – Your loving aunt and admirer


A Poem for Mom

One came in June

Under skies clearest blue,

The next in October,

With trees changing hue,

The last in September as something brand new,

Now there’s three and they make it a crew.

No matter what, their love always shows through,

Especially when it comes to you.

“We love you Mom”

Bradley Schneider – December 25, 2016

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