Make Way For A Landing

bicycleIt was the end of the summer before the second grade and Lisa and I were on our way home from Grandma Is’s house where we spent our summer days while mom was at work.  We were riding our bikes and because I was only 7, I usually rode on the sidewalk.

I hollered to Lisa “Make way for a landing” and I steered myself toward a driveway on our block.  Lisa must not have heard me because the next thing I remember was laying on the side of the road with my bike next to me.  

At first, I didn’t know what had happened.  Was I hurt?  Nothing seemed to be in pain.  But then I heard Lisa saying over and over “Just don’t look at it… Just don’t look at it…”  

Don’t look at what?  What could she be talking about?  Then I looked at my foot and realized I had split open my heel.  My foot was covered in blood. Oh my!  Now I suddenly felt the pain!  She was right – I shouldn’t have looked!

bicycleWe were only a few houses away from home, but a nice neighbor lady drove us the rest of the way.  From there, Mom took me to the doctor’s office and I had to have 6 stitches to close up my heel.  I felt kind of special because I was the center of attention for a while.

When I started second grade, the teacher asked us what we had done that summer, and I shared the story about my heel.  I even brought in the stitches for show and tell.  She wasn’t impressed.

This was my first bike accident.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t my last.

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