Short and Sassy

When I was a little girl, my mom would cut my hair. I basically had a short bob with a curl on each side and straight across my forehead bangs. Whenever a special occasion came up, like school pictures or a holiday, mom would trim my hair. If the sides weren’t even, she’d trim a bit off the long side and so on and so on until finally my hair on the side went halfway up my ears. My bangs suffered the same fate. This went on until they were very short and sort of straight across. A disaster to say the least.

When I got to be about ten years old, my sister Sandy took over the hair-cutting duties. She was much more talented at haircutting than my mom, but she used it as an opportunity to torment me. She would continuously make weird noises and gasp and pretend she had messed it up terribly. All the while she was doing this, she had my back to the mirror and wouldn’t allow me to see what she was doing. Even though this practice cost me anguish, the haircuts actually turned out well.

When I was twelve or thirteen, I went to Girl Scout camp. To be funny, one of the girls in our tent cut my hair into a pixie. At first, I was horrified, but the more I worked with it, the more I liked it.

In High School, I grew my hair out to shoulder length. It was easy to take care of and I could dry it with the hand dryer at the YMCA after teaching swim lessons or lifeguarding.

As my hair was growing out, I would use rollers to turn the ends up in the days’ current fad called the flip. This helped me make the transition from short to long.

When I moved to California, I decided I wanted an easy to manage, blow-dry style. I found a hair stylist that worked well with my hair and showed me how to blow dry and take advantage of my natural wave.

I wore versions of this do for the next thirty plus years with very little variation. I really liked my short hair. Before my husband and I were married, he suggested I grow it longer. After a few months of struggling with longer hair, we both agreed I should cut it short.

I like my hair best when it’s easy and no fuss. Fortunately, I have a stylist here in Wisconsin that agrees with me. Boring? Maybe. But that’s Judy’s hairstyle. Amen.

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