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night owlEarly morning is my time to roll over in bed and luxuriate in uninterrupted sleep.  Sleeping until noon is not my style but getting up around 9 or 9:30 am is. Getting up slowly and putting on comfy clothes is a great start to my day. By this time, I feel rested and ready to accomplish the goals I have set for myself.

On the other side of the spectrum, you will often find me awake and working past 11 pm and often after midnight. I resent the fact that early birds are thought of as productive superstars, while people who accomplish things later in the day are thought of as people who can’t get their work done on time.

I’ve recently heard the description “sleep procrastination” as a condition that causes some of us to get their heavy-duty work done when others are going to bed. This would also define those people who kick into work when others are getting ready to go home from work and call it a day.

It’s my opinion that we all have our optimal times in which to accomplish our goals. Early in the morning is a time when I can accomplish mindless tasks like folding laundry and doing dishes. When the day turns into afternoon, I often find the motivation to get started. I find it important to understand my sleep patterns and the times of day that work best for me.

night owlAfter trying to convert to being a morning person several times, I have decided that I need to respect my circadian rhythms and do my best work when I am feeling strongest. At first, starting my day earlier feels alright and then I slip back into my lifelong pattern.

I do believe that you are just as good as the early bird when you accomplish great things later in the day. Be prepared for being thought of as someone who can’t get their work done when you exhibit this style. You might also prepare yourself for working alone because most people have quit working and moved into the relaxation phase.

I am a night owl and I find I am most creative later in the day. This style does not make me lazy, rather my body has a different pattern of accomplishing my tasks. I am more creative, think more clearly, and accomplish more when the day turns into night.  This is my style; I own it and I’m sticking to it.

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