What color are you?

What color are you?  What colors look best on you?  Back when I  was a teen, my mom and my god-mother took my girlfriend and I to “have our colors done”.  Some of you may ask “You had WHAT done?”  Well – the process of getting your colors done involves determining what colors look best on you.  (Color Me A Season)


There are four seasons of colors:  Summer, Spring, Autumn, and Winter.  This has NO correlation to when you were born.  Just because you were born in July does NOT mean you are a Summer.  I say that because I once was talking to someone about colors and told her she looked great in the earth tones (she was a red-head) and she said “Well – that makes sense.  I was born in September.”  Ugh!!

A summer person looks best in pastels and soft neutrals with pink and blue undertones, lavender, taupe, powder pink, and powder blue.

A spring person looks best in warm colors like camel, peach, golden-yellow and golden brown, colors that are bright and light like lime green, lemon yellow, coral.

An autumn person looks best in colors with golden undertones, like camel, beige, orange, gold, and dark brown, but avoid colors with blue tones, like navy.

A winter person looks best in colors that are sharp and clear, pure white, black, navy blue, red and shocking pink, icy tones rather than pastels for the lighter colors.

I am a winter.  I love that I’m a winter.  My favorite colors have always been the bright, true colors.  Royal purple, aqua blue, fuchsia, kelly green…  I LOVE THEM!  Wearing my colors gives me confidence and makes me happy.  Mom is also a winter, while Judy and Lisa are both autumns.

Looking at my kids, I can tell what colors they look best in also and it drives me crazy when they don’t listen to me and wear colors that they shouldn’t.  On that subject – my sister also will sometimes wear colors that aren’t in her palette and that is just WRONG!  But will she listen to me – of course not.

Now – looking at my personal logo, any ideas why mine is purple?  There is no way I could handle using a color for my logo that isn’t in my color palette!!

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