Night Night

I’ve prided myself in consciously becoming a morning person. I’ve developed and practiced a routine to help me be successful at getting up early and starting my day positively.

Night Night

My Bed: Evie at the foot, Aubrey on the left, me hogging the duvet in the middle, and the 9 1/2 inches on the right is left for Craig.

One strategy to set yourself up for success is to begin the night before.

We all know a good parent needs to put predictable patterns into their child’s evening routine. There is dinner, bath, tooth brushing, stories, maybe a night-night song, and lights off.

Well, it’s the same with us grown-ups. Why do so many people fall asleep on the couch watching TV or lay in bed watching TikTok on their phone? I would be a mess if I did either of these activities!

Getting Ready

Instead, I know that “best practice” for preparing my body and mind for a positive sleep preparation practice includes the following four activities:

1-Prepare for the next day. Figure out tomorrow’s outfit and pack/prepare lunch. Get the coffee maker set and ready to go. Look at the calendar and planner and make sure the family is aware of appointments and commitments.

2. Do a 5-minute pick-up of the main living area. Make sure shoes are put away, pillows are straight, and afghans are neet on the couch. Dishes are in the dishwasher and the kitchen sink is clean and shined.

3. Take off all make-up. Brush teeth. Moisturize. Swish with mouthwash and apply lip balm. Strip down and put on snuggly jammies–no unders or bras allowed.

4. Take a few moments to record thoughts in a gratitude journal, or perhaps write a few lines in your “homework for life“. Light a candle and practice some deep breaths before lights out at about 9:00…

Or, you can do what I’ve done most recently…

I finish helping my child with her homework at 10:30. (She didn’t have homework at 5:30  when I asked, but she remembered it at 9:00.) Then I turn off the 57 lights around the house and make sure that the dogs are in the house. Craig has been asleep for 2 hours. F*ck brushing my teeth tonight and I think my pjs are still in the washer. So I take off my shoes, socks, and pants and toss them on the settee. I hop into bed and turn off the last bedroom lights. I’ll shower in the morning and brush my teeth then.

Night night…
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