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hairstylesI am 78 years old and to this day, I have not found the hairstyle that I really like.  Sad, isn’t it?  I have probably run out of time, but I keep going forward trying new styles and for some reason, I end up with pretty much the same one.  It might be a bit shorter, or longer, but it generally always seems to end up looking pretty much the same.

A hairstyle that I can remember being really serious about was in the sixth grade and after.  It was medium length, turning up at the ends. I was constantly combing it and arranging it, and my sixth-grade teacher (who didn’t seem to like me) commented during class that I looked beautiful.  Embarrassing right?   

I, of course, always need bangs.  I hate bangs, but due to the fact that my forehead is the size of a small airplane runway, it seems to be a necessary item that I resent totally.  I like my bangs to be just about my eyebrows and wispy.  

One time my husband went on a fishing trip and I was sick of the way I looked.  So, I decided to get a body perm.  I realized something was not right when the clerk said, “I really like the color too”.  It turned out bright red.  When my husband came home he said, “what did you do to yourself, you looked good when I left?”  It took me two years to grow out that horrible friz that the body perm created. 

It seems when I style my hair to my liking when I am looking in the mirror when I go out and about, see an image of myself, and my hair never seems to look the way it did back in the mirror.

hairstylesWhen I was in grade school it was cool to wear a ponytail.  Off of that ponytail, you would tie a long scarf around it.  This was the style and it actually made you feel like you had really long hair.

I don’t think I ever had really long hair that you could sit on, but at one point it came to my shoulder blades.

It was when I was first married that I could gather my hair up, backcomb it, and wear it high up like a pug on my head.  I must say from looking at pictures, this wasn’t a half-bad hairdo.  But, like most things I got sick of the length of my hair and cut it off.  

The length of one’s hair seems to change constantly.  You get to a point where the style just isn’t working anymore, and off it goes.  This most often results in a very unhappy decision, but it is a little late.  

About four years ago I decided I had enough of my long hair so I had it cut off.  It looked cute to me when I was styling it, but when I look back at pictures of myself it looked awful.  So, it is back to letting it grow to the middle length which seems to work for me most of the time.

Now, let’s talk about wigs.  I see some of the cutest wigs online and have actually purchased several.  The one that seems best to work for me is what is called a messy bun.  You just pull it into a ponytail and attach the bun which has a clip on it.  This works for me especially in warm weather since i can’t stand my hair hanging on my neck.  

My hair is thick but fine.  But as I get older the front is getting thinner.  Lucky me.  I also can’t keep a hairstyle to save my soul on damp humid days.  Now, I find that when my hair is wet I have a little natural curl in my back, but when it dries it does nothing to enhance my look.

So, at 78 years old I am still out there trying to find the best look for me.  I won’t give up even though it is tempting.  

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