Can You Do It All In a Day?

What would you do if you found out that you were going to die today?







My first thought is panic. How do you fit in everything that you need to complete in one day? How do you tell everyone that is important to you, that you love them one last time? The initial thought is “I don’t have enough time!”

I look at it as if I’m taking a trip… When I go away on business, I try to get my life in order before I leave. I get the laundry caught up, the house cleaned, the paperwork updated, the kids’ schedules organized, the meals planned, etc. Well – if I was going to die today – that would be one helluva trip! But I’m not ready! Do I have time to get everything done?

My next thought is reality. Does it really matter if the laundry isn’t done? There will just be more tonight. Does it really matter if the house isn’t clean? It will just get dusty again when the kids come home. What is important here? My kids! My family!

I would spend my day doing the things that we normally put off because we are too busy with day to day events. I would hold my kids close and tell them how amazing they are and how much they mean to me. Next would be my family. I would take some time to tell each of them how important they’ve been in my life and how grateful I am that they are my family.

We need to appreciate each and every day and be grateful for how blessed we are. Starting today, I’ve begun a “Gratitude Journal” to help realize how much I have to be grateful for. In addition, we need to take the time to let others know how special they are. You never know when it could be your last day – or the last day of those special people!

If I were to die today, I want my family and friends to all know how loved they are and how blessed I have been to have them in my life!

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