Orange is not for everyone!

Judy ColorAll of my life, as I remember it, I have been very aware of color. My older sister always looked so pretty, so for the first many years that I could choose colors, I copied her example. I constantly asked myself why I looked washed out and dumpy when she looked wonderful?

Then, a great aha moment happened. I had my “colors” done. I discovered that my color palette was the autumn palette. My red was deep orange. My yellow was dusty gold. My green was sage or Khaki green. It was a miracle to me.

Department store confusion went away. My sister could have her colors. She was a winter. Her colors included pure reds, vibrant pinks emerald greens and black. I no longer had to copy her because I had colors of my own.

I discovered that orange shocked people. I loved that. I wore orange and flaunted it. When my husband and I got married, I had several suits in the brown and rust family. I found out that his former wife also favored the winter colors. Anything in the navy or black color was the only acceptable business dress by her standards. My little stepdaughter assured her mother that I was not as cool as she was. She told her mother “Mom, she wears brown and even orange.”

I found this out many years later. I thought it was a very sweet gesture on my stepdaughter’s part and we have all had a good laugh about it as years have gone by.
Today, I sleep in a deep rust bedroom. I feel cozy and very much at home. The rest of my home (with few exceptions) celebrates the “Autumn Color Fan”.

Our Bedroom

I love MY colors.

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