No Regrets – Just a Tapestry of Memories

I’ve always said life should be lived so there would be no regrets…and still if the moment came that I knew this breath was my last how would I feel?

As I sit here writing this there is a purring kitten lying behind my head. There would be no more of that. No more sweet puppy kisses, no more late-night talks with my amazing son, no more prophetic conversations or trips with my quirky sister, no more sweet nighttime snuggling with my main man….NO! I have to stop. This is getting way too Nicholas Sparks!

If I were to die today, it would be without regret. Oh, I’ve made my share of mistakes and from each of them, I have learned my greatest lessons and gained my fullest wisdom. I often say I have earned my PhD in life. My life has been like a tapestry. The dark times contrasted against the light and joyful times have formed a patchwork of memories and experiences that will take me to the next chapter with a warm heart, a smile, and yes, a tear.

After multiple relationship challenges, I have met and married my soul mate. We have spent 30 wonderful years together. I have embraced the past 26 years marveling at the wonderful son I was told I could never have. I have returned home to spend time with my close and amazing family after being apart for way too many, never to be repeated days.

I have caught myself many times lately wasting a precious moment feeling sad or even depressed and then reminded myself that I will not spend my valuable time feeling anything other than blessed, loved, happy and at the very least retrospective.

Moment to moment we all choose our experience. It truly is that simple. To live without regret? Yes, even this is a conscious choice…a choice I will embrace to the very end.


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