It’s a Cluster

For some reason, I seem to be at the basis for all the Sidetracked Sisters’ memories of getting lost.  Imagine that? One of my many experiences of getting lost was a complete cluster. 

It was the Friday before deer hunting began.  My husband was gone to go hunting and I was looking forward to a wonderful weekend alone with my youngest daughter, Michelle.  My oldest daughter, Lisa, was going to attend some kind of overnight for church.  I was to pick her up right after an event she had at school and I was to pick up Michelle right after school.  Well, being the antique lover I am, there was an advertisement for a new antique that was opening in Fall River. Now, I don’t ever remember being in Fall River, so unbelievably, I wasn’t quite sure where this was.  I 

Well, I had found Fall River, but for some reason, I was having trouble returning to Beaver Dam!!!  I kept driving and was not coming to the proper destination.  Now, it was getting dark, there was a full harvest moon shining and I knew we were terribly late and in big trouble.  Well, after stopping at a farmhouse to get directions we kept driving and came upon the water tower of Fox Lake.  How the hell did we get to Fox Lake???  I did know how to get home from there, but when I finally picked up Lisa at school she was hysterical, and almost late for her event.  So, there was a lot of flying around and getting to her destination on time


thought I would pick up Michelle and we would take a fast trip to find this antique store.  My treat for the day.  We took off for Fall River, never did find the antique store, and realized we better get back to Beaver Dam because it was getting time to pick up Lisa.  Lisa had to be picked up on time because she still had to pack for her overnight event.  

Michelle and I decided we needed a treat so we went to a restaurant for supper.  When we were done we left the restaurant and were no more than a block away when I discovered I had a flat tire.  More hysteria.  No husband, so what to do?  I called a neighbor who graciously came and fixed our tire.  While he was fixing our tire we called a friend who came to give us a ride home.  Upon her dropping us off at home we discovered that we were locked out of our house.  

We have a back porch on the back of the house and Michelle had to climb up a post to get to this porch hoping that we could get in that door.  Success, we did get in.

Michelle stated that she was never going to stay home alone with me ever again.  I wonder why?  Not everyone likes to have adventures, imagine that!!!

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