I Need a New Bucket

dreamsIt is now called a bucket list, I called it dreams, goals, and accomplishments.

I have lots of dreams, never really considered them on a bucket list, but I guess they really were.  One of my dreams as I often refer to is the purchase of a shack, in the woods, on Lake Michigan.  I have accomplished this plus a cabin next door that actually was never on a bucket list or even a dream.  

When I was a little girl I often envied friends whose families would go for weekends to their cottages on some lake.  This seemed like such a wonderful experience and I swore that someday I would have this dream.  

dreamsWhen I got much older and had rented cottages in various parts of the State of Wisconsin, I decided exactly where I wanted to accomplish this dream.  I actually posted pictures of various cottages on my wall at work so that I could look at them and dream.  One day while renting a cottage along the road where we are now located I saw a For Sale sign.  I talked to another owner of a cottage and was told I should go for it.  I called the realtor, but there was an accepted offer on that property.  She told me there was another cottage further down the road that I should check out.  Not having seen that sign I went looking for it.  I and different members of my family took trips down the lane to view this home.  At that point for some reason, I knew it was going to be mine.  It was one of those ah-ha moments when the puppet strings were pulled and I just knew.  One of my daughters and I made an appointment to come back the next weekend to view this cottage and several others that had possibilities.  We scoured the shores of Lake Michigan in Door County and kept coming back to the chosen one.  There was actually a beautiful cottage across the road, not on the water, having a ten foot easement allowing access to a sandy beach, but again, it was not on the water.  This was the determining factor for us, and after figuring finances with my better half, my husband, we purchased this cottage and eventually even purchased the cabin next door which we rent out during the warmer months.  

I never considered owning two cottages in a bucket list, but it was one of my biggest dreams that actually happened.

dreamsPrior to this purchase, I have been blessed with travel both locally and abroad and am looking forward to more travel experiences.  To be perfectly honest, I am satisfied with what I have done so far, but having travel experiences is really a lot of fun and I would go if able.

I have purchased homes which were my choice, have had a wonderful family, and really don’t want for anything more but health and happiness, 

I always have dreams and accomplishments for my family, but to say that is on my bucket list can’t be considered as these dreams are not in my control.

I have lived a very happy, successful and fulfilled life and look forward to this continuing.  I guess you can say, this would be on my “Bucket List”.

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#sidetrackedsisters #sidetrackedsandy #sidetrackedlegacies #lakemichigan #doorcounty #dreams #goals #bucketlistSandy’s dream always was to have a cabin in Door County and she never waivered from that dream until it came true!

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