The Joy in the Journey

journeySome of my favorite trip memories all begin with the car ride there.  When I was little, we didn’t have car seats or required seat belts or anything like that.  

I would grab my favorite pillow, a blanket, and possibly a book and head to my side of the Mercury.  I would make a little nest on the floor of the back seat.  As our trip began, our first stop was at the local gas station to fill up and get a few snacks for the road.  Dad would always get a case or two of Worms or Mr. Pibb soda (each were Dr. Pepper knockoffs) and some junk food that Mom didn’t agree with.

Then it was on to the actual drive.  This was the fun part.  We would always go with another family and we would use CBs to communicate between our two cars.  CB stands for Citizens Band radio and it was commonly used for truckers to communicate.  We would use it to talk between our two cars.  In order to talk on the CB, we assigned a CB handle (or name) to every family member.  Mine was Hagatha the Witch.  Apparently, my family thought that was a good representation of my character. (Yikes!)

I also remember singing during our car rides.  The most significant singing memories were of Debbie Boone – You Light Up My Life – on V8 tapes.  We sang her songs on repeat for the entire trip!  

Our family trips were fun from beginning to end.  We laughed, we teased, we talked, I napped, and our trips always ended with Dad thanking Lisa and me for being such good girls.  These trips were the highlight of my childhood and I wouldn’t change a thing!

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