A Vacation Story

Lik-M-Aid ……..check

Dots on a page ……check

Bag of Brach’s Candy …….check

Why am I writing a vacation story about candy? Because, when we went on vacation, it was to see Grandma in Black Earth and the only time we were given permission to eat candy.

I went with my big sister. The highlight of the day was a visit to the local post office to get our mail. The post office had the old-fashioned mailboxes with the funny dials and we felt so grown up because Grandma let us know the combo.

On the way back home, we’d usually see the crazy lady talking under her breath as she crossed the street to get away from us. She would say “dumb Meisters, dumb Meisters over and over as she passed us by on the opposite side of the street.

A stop at the corner gas station to replenish our candy stash and our daily excitement was over.  It was now almost noon and we had experienced our entertainment for the day. Now, what in the world should we do for the rest of the day? No devices existed back then so it was time to “make it up”.

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