Vacation Thoughts Down on Paper

It’s been months plus since I’ve written for our blog. Life has been hectic and time scarce and the writer lazy. It’s time to reconnect and get back to putting thoughts down on paper.

The last 10 days have been spent in Door County with the other Sidetracked Sisters and our families. It reinforces for me that family time is a heavenly time and being at the cottage in Door County makes it even better. Some went horseback riding; there was girls’ day spent shopping, lunching, and enjoying each other; some of us played mini-golf; there were daily swims and time at the beaches; dog walks, and much-needed downtime to read, rest and relax.

There have been moments that made the experience real…An argument that came out of my sensitivity which is sometimes called my greatest strength and yet often qualifies as my greatest weakness. There were also the discussions that got heated and yet in many ways were cathartic. The subjects of these discussions could be the basis for yet another post.

The family bought an additional adjacent property this year with what some call “a tear down”, some call a “fixer-upper” and some call a “future palace”. Life after all is a matter of perspective and one person’s junk can truly be another person’s treasure.

The handy ones in our family have attacked the new project with a vengeance. There have been supervised brush fires, junk fires, multiple dumpsters filled with stuff and taken away and with each activity has come a peek into the future vision that we were all were hoping for. Part of the structure received a new roof, relocated windows, and minor changes to make the space more usable. Planning is being done for the next steps and the vision continues to grow.

Today has a sadness about it. It’s time to clean the cottage, pack up and return to our everyday lives. They are good lives and lives that create for each of us these respites in Door County!

Bye to the “Cabbage” (the nickname for the new acquisition), we’ll be back soon.

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