Playing with Others

My family tells me I don’t play well with others.  Well – here is an example of why.

The scene – We are on vacation and my sister, Lisa, and I are on one of our daily 6 mile death marches with the dogs (that an entirely different post).  It’s about 7:30 am and we are on the beach with Lake Michigan waves lapping at our feet.

Suddenly, a guy approaches us from one of the houses along the beach and says, “Excuse me.  I don’t mean to be un-neighborly, but your talking and the dogs barking is seriously affecting my ability to enjoy my time here.  I’ve tried yelling at you from the house, but you didn’t hear me.”

In my head, I was thinking, “You have GOT TO BE JOKING?!”  First of all, as we are walking, it takes us about 5 seconds to pass this particular house and then another 5 seconds to pass it on our way back.  Second, the house is more than 50 yards away from where we are walking.  Third, IT IS PUBLIC PROPERTY!  OMG!

Thinking about this later, I had some great retorts to give him:

  • “You think it’s bad today? Wait till we come back tomorrow, an hour earlier and with noise makers!”
  • “I’m sorry, but you must’ve mistaken me for someone who gives a damn.”
  • Present him with a pair of earplugs
  • Ask him if he was born an asshole or if he works at it.

This brings me back to my original statement.  I don’t play well with others.  My first reaction is almost always to have a bitchy reply or comment.  Maybe that is why my childhood nickname was “Hagatha the Witch”.

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