I Love All Colors!

I love colorsI love all colors. I also love a monochromatic color scheme. Do I ever use it?  Never.  Oh well, I love the white-on-white idea of just about anything from china, to room decorations, etc.

After my oldest daughter left home, I decided I wanted to do her room in all white.  I planned for hours on how it would be white woodwork, white furniture, white walls, etc.  Well, guess what, this room is now wallpapered in, BLACK.  It has white woodwork, a brass bed, black wallpaper, white puffy bedspread and I absolutely love it.  It is one of the brightest rooms in the house and it satisfies me just fine, except it isn’t white.

I still love the idea of a totally neutral room (white/cream).  We bought a cabin and I thought it would be very chic to have it all white. Do you know how hard that is to keep things all white?  Well, as of right now, it is white, navy, and a touch of cranberry, but I am really trying to keep things white and bright.

I Love Colors

Then, there is another color scheme that I totally love and that I used that in my daughter’s first planned bedroom.  It was pink, green and white.  I really love this combo. Then there is my love of creme, white and blue.  I really love this.

So, as you can tell, I love most all colors.  It is just figuring what goes with what and what my mood is at the time.  So, then what’s up with my terracotta living and dining rooms?   Who knows, maybe they will turn up white at some point.


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1 thought on “I Love All Colors!

  1. Hi Sandy! I also love black and white and green and pink and white!! We just redid our kitchen in black and white and gray. All white rooms look fabulous in photos but who can actually live in then? The only color scheme I don’t share is blue and cream.

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