From Decorating to Grandkids

gradkidsFor years I considered decorating my hobby.  I love to plan and create beautiful rooms. I enjoy refinishing furniture.  Antiquing can be regarded as a hobby.  Nothing gets the old blood going better than entering an unexplored antique store.   

I have enjoyed this hobby to the extent of decorating dorm rooms, apartments, cottages, and several houses. I have a reputation that I love to create what I consider lovely areas.  My children always appreciated my creativity, but unfortunately, my grandchildren are terrified to have me near their places of residence.  I guess they have their own tastes even if it is wrong, in my opinion!!.

So, for lack of time, because little people started to make an appearance in our family, I put my efforts into my grandchildren.  This might not be considered a hobby, but it seems it took that position quickly.  First, there was Bradley.  His family lived in Waukesha, so I would travel at least once a week to babysit and enjoy this little guy.  Then came Nate and by now this family had moved to Beaver Dam.  Nate was a handful for some, so I would take off some of the pressure for those who needed a break. Nate, Jessica, and I created a cool fort in my attic.   I remember giving the three kids baths at night quite often as I lived close and it helped working parents. At a time during my lunch hours, I  would go to Nate’s daycare, get him dressed after his swimming, have lunch with him, and then lie down on his mat, and rub his back until he fell asleep.  I would then very quietly go back to work.  Then we were able to add a little girl to the mix.  It was fun collecting little girl clothes for her, following her dancing and other activities. We had fun baking cookies, and creating crafts, just to name a few activities. Since my daughter lived so close to us I was able to offer picnics on weekends, playing in the park, and just enjoyed all of them immensely.

decoratingThen my oldest daughter adopted her three kids.  First came the two boys from Russia.  It was a given that I would spend as much time as possible spoiling these two little guys. I would take Fridays off from work.  The boys would spend the night and we would have a whole day to do fun things.  I remember a lot of noon hours spent at McDonald’s play area in order to give them some fun food and playtime.  Several years later our Jalapeno Princess arrived.  She was adopted when she was just three days old.  Boy, what a hobby she was.  I couldn’t get enough of spoiling her and still do to this day as well as all the rest of the clan.  She loves to bake and showed an interest in sewing so we sewed a skirt together.  It turned out to be the most expensive skirt she would probably own at her young age.   

My grandkids have spent at least one night a week until they became teenagers and dances, sports and other activities got in the way.  

So, having six grandchildren certainly became my hobby.  

Now, I still love to participate with the grandkids, and still find decorating fun to include gardening, painting furniture, and especially creating and recreating our home a cottage, and a cabin.

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