My Decorating Mentor

Whenever I think of decorating, I think of my sister (and her two talented daughters).  She is hands down the best decorator I have ever met.  So she works professionally as a paralegal and office manager.  Go figure!My decorating style is very basic.  I like my rooms functional and people-friendly. I like space for the dog or dogs to lay at my feet and I want my furniture comfortable and semi-stylish.  Once those needs are met, I can have some fun.

I love color. Our master bedroom is a deep russet orange.  It has white woodwork which I have found really helps the color POP. My husband has been very accepting and trusting of my taste and knows my sister won’t let me go too far astray.

My desire to write about decorating this week has been curbed somewhat by the fact that I’ve been in the middle of two painting projects.  I had some vacation time to use so I thought I’d paint a couple of rooms among several other projects I planned to accomplish.  Piece of cake, right? For you maybe.  Not so much for me.  I’ve been on vacation for 8 days now and am just finishing the second room.  I say “I” but I couldn’t have gotten as far as I have without my sister’s help and assistance.  It took us five days to get the bathroom color just right.  After three trips back to the store and Sandy’s insistence that there is only one right way to do a project, the bathroom is exactly what I imagined it would be.

Years back our family-owned and operated a furniture store.  I worked in the store and helped customers make selections and put rooms together.  My most important trait was my ability to listen to their wants and likes and to help them make choices they would be pleased with.  It was hard not to impose my own will but rather to listen and to use my “skills” to select what my customers really wanted.

Sandy in her uniform!!

In the present time, I enjoy making our house a home, decorating for holidays and special occasions, and enjoying the talent that my sister willingly shares.  Her persistence and love of accomplishment have helped me finish many a project when if left to my own devices, I might have settled for less or even given up.  I don’t always go along with all of her ideas because I do have my own style. Sometimes having to justify myself to her makes me feel stronger about my decisions.

I love having a decorating mentor.  All I can say is “Thank you Sandy…”

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