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Our First Home

As a teenager, I always said, “When I am eighteen I am out of here.”  Well, guess what, out of my family I am the only one that has never left.  I have lived in the same town my whole life, have moved only four times, and owned two homes (not including vacation properties).   I moved from my childhood home to an apartment when married, then from there to a new tri-level, and then to a two-story which I am still residing in.

Our first home was purchased when I was twenty years old and my husband was 22.  We had lived in an apartment for six months when my husband came home and informed me that he found the home of his dreams.  One of our friends’ dads owned a construction company that was building houses in the area and my husband got to see a home under construction.  He immediately fell in love with this home.  It was a new build, a tri-level, located in a new part of town, overlooking the lake.  We both fell in love with this half-built home and became new homeowners. We never thought we would be able to purchase a new build. 


This home had a family room which was something that was a rather new feature, especially to us newbies.  So, it had three bedrooms, a family room, one bathroom, living room, dining area, kitchen, and a two-car garage.  I had never lived in a new house before and found this to be a rather interesting experience.  I always lived on an older established street.  It is interesting how the birds sound very different in whatever kind of area you reside in, even if it is in the same town.  I also experienced constant building sounds, as ours was not the only house that had been or was being built.  I felt that this was my dream and enjoyed decorating it.  Eventually, we installed another full bath, fireplace, and screened-in patio.  I felt that I would live there forever.  Well, my husband worked for the JC Penney Company and we came to realize that we would at some point be transferred to another city in another state.  You can’t imagine how I fought the idea that no one would be able to tell me I had to leave my beloved home.  Then when it was decided that he would change jobs so as not to have to move, now it being my choice, I started pondering the idea of a bigger house.  My kids were getting older and we needed more space.  I had always loved a certain home located in another part of town, across from a park and a short distance from the lake.  After cruising past this house on many, many, many occasions, seeing a For Sale sign on the lawn, I knew I had to go see it.

Have you ever had those moments when there is a driving force that seems to just control you?  Well, this was one for me.  I said I would never buy another house that didn’t have all the things done to it that we had put in .  our first home.  But guess what, we did.  So, upon purchasing our present location, we put in a screened-in porch and a fireplace just like the one we had just installed in our first home, not to mention finishing off two attics, and the list goes on and on.  One of the most special projects to me was the log cabin shed that I pined for, for many years and would find this hard to let go of. 


Garden shed

I have many dreams about our first house as it was really important to me, but really am glad that we made the change as the home we are now in is definitely larger, and more of a family home.  We actually live on all three levels.  We have changed the configuration quite drastically to satisfy our needs, and never seem to stop adding our special touches.

The next house will only be if it is on the lake.  We have vacation properties, but in our present town, it would have to be on the lake for me to make the change.  We put so much of ourselves, our interests and must-haves, into our home which makes it really hard to let go and change locations.

So, this is probably our forever home.  But, you never know!!

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