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My life is decorated by my children.  Decorations are the fluff that adds sparkle to your life.  Not necessary to survive, but the stuff that makes us smile when we think back. Decorations are the people, places, and “stuff” that we take pictures of.  They are the stories we tell…

The other day I took my kids to the local family center to go ice skating.  It was “open skate”…the first time of the season for us. This year, I sat up high in the bleachers.  My nose was cold and running even though the sky heater was directed right at me.

It brought a smile to my face watching my kids.  The youngest does a waddle skate, arms flailing.  She quickly got up after every fall.  My eleven-year-old athlete was too cool to wear his coat.  He stuck close to his little sis, then sprinted away and returned, offering a smile and a laugh to encourage her.  My ten-year-old waved repeatedly at me.  Then he was off skating slow circles around the rink trying to get that confident grace that he saw in the other, more experienced boys.

I’m not one to take a lot of pictures or videos.  Well, I do a bit…unfortunately, my cell phone had only 3% charge left and that was too little to do video…figures.  So just had to make mental memories of my daughter’s little face peeking over the sidewall to give me tiny finger waves.

These are my real, true pumpkins.

I was supposed to be at home…decorating.  Thanksgiving will be at our house and there wasn’t a gourd or a cartoon turkey to be seen.  Moldy pumpkins sat frozen to the front porch.  The dining room table was littered with books and folded underwear waiting to be put away.  The amber candles were still in the cupboard.

We did collect fall leaves a month ago.  I’ll need them when the urge hits to decorate the house.  Then I’ll take them out of the old unused cookbooks where they wait for me to finish the laundry.  I’ll remove the debris of life that clutters our home and get down to the business of decorating…building the backdrop for memories.

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