A Passion for Decorating

If anyone really knows me they know I love to decorate.  I can waste more relaxing time (what’s that!!) planning for re-arranging a room, decorating or redecorating it, whatever the case may be.  I love planning and gathering all the materials before starting the decorating project.  I do not like to start anything until I have all the items needed to finish my vision.  That way, if there are changes to be made, it is easy to do so.  I think you need to start with one item that you just love and decorate around that.  One time I decorated a room around one little pink light.  (sorry Lisa).

I think I spent more time on one of my extra bedrooms (once my oldest daughter’s bedroom).  I had decided that it would be cool if it were an all-white room.  In the end, would you believe it is my black room????   How that happened is still a mystery to me except I had always wanted that room to be done in black.  When it was occupied by one opinionated person (my daughter – who loves fall colors by the way) said, “My room will not be black.”  So, after she left, and the idea of white sort of went by the wayside, I got my wish and it turned out to be black.  Now, this sounds pretty awful, but it is wallpaper with large white flowers with pink and green touches on it.  Don’t gag, but with white woodwork, white bedspread, brass bed, pink chair, etc., it is one of my favorite rooms.  I’m sure if we ever put this house on the market this will be a controversial topic for the sale.  But, I never am one to decorate for other people to live with.

I might note here that I really love all-white spaces.  I again was going to do my living and dining rooms with that decor in mind.  I had a wild hair and decided I wanted some drama.  Our house is a sixties house and I always say, if you don’t have drama in your decorating arena, create some.  So, even though all white could be dramatic, I chose terracotta on my walls.  My husband has not quite gotten into that yet.  He wanted to know why we couldn’t paint the walls tan like everyone else.  Exactly!!!!  That’s why they are now terracotta, not to say they could change color at any given time and might even end up white, certainly not tan!  I never do anything he likes, so he says!!!

A few difficult things I have had to try to overcome in my love of decorating is convincing son-in-laws that my way is the right way.  You see, I am very passionate in my decisions on how to decorate, and can always come up with wonderful (in my mind) creative ways to do someone else’s area.  I hate it when my ideas don’t’ seem like the best.  Grandchildren tend to have opinions also!!!

Since the holidays are upon us already, I have a pet peeve.  I love decorating for holidays, but people one holiday at a time o.k.???  I go nuts when Christmas decorations are left up all year, and there are multiple seasons on display at all times.  This looks tacky and gross….. in my opinion.  How about the lawn decorations that inflate on a good day.  But, when they are not inflated, they look like a pile of plastic laying on the ground.  Now that makes me get that holiday feeling.

So, there, I still have to find an area to do my all-white theme.  Any ideas????, not that I will listen to them anyway, as that is not the way I do things.  Sorry!

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